All Gift Cards and No Cash?

All Gift Cards and No Cash?

Turn your gift cards into more versatile cash in South Portland, ME

We’ve all gotten "those gifts." An envelope with a gift card in it for your birthday, or a handful of congratulatory gift cards right after graduation or as a wedding present. Some of them might be used, others will expire and the rest will be forgotten at the bottom of a coat pocket or dresser drawer. Make the most out of the gifts you’ve been given and cash in your gift cards at Jimi’s Trading Center in South Portland, ME!

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4 reasons to trade in your gift cards for cash

4 reasons to trade in your gift cards for cash

Sometimes gift cards aren’t the most convenient option. Here are a few reasons to sell your gift cards to Jimi’s Trading Center:

  1. You want extra cash in your pocket
  2. You don’t like the shop at which the gift card is valid
  3. You never get around to redeeming your gift cards
  4. You don’t want to lose your gift cards

Choose Jimi’s Trading Center today to cash in on your unused gift cards!