Your Old Jewelry Box Might Be a Gold Mine

Your Old Jewelry Box Might Be a Gold Mine

See if it’s worth its weight in gold in South Portland, ME

Over the years, you’ve collected a lot of stuff. You have shelves full of books, drawers full of coupons and boxes and boxes of shoes. Would you happen to have a collection of old jewelry, too? If so, Jimi’s Trading Center in Portland, ME can take it off your hands.

We buy, sell and trade jewelry and precious metals and price them based on their weight and desirability. We’ll work directly with you so you won’t have to go through the hassle of selling through online jewelry traders. No item is too big or too small for Jimi’s Trading Center to consider!

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4 reasons to sell your jewelry

4 reasons to sell your jewelry

Holding on to the contents of that jewelry box? Here are four reasons to bring it to Jimi's.

  1. You’re wary about selling it online
  2. You could use some extra cash
  3. Your jewelry is out of style
  4. You want to make room for a new collection

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